Scott Scale 900 RC 2014




The 1×10 speed dilemma

Got the 1x10s working with a type 2 rear derailleur on my fully and it works great – the gear range is working fine for 98-99% of the terrain that I ride here in Sweden/Denmark (only a few places where I could use a lower gear but the hills are not that long so it’s possible to get up) and the next obvious move would to install the same gearing on my hardtail because I like the simplicity of the 1x10s setup.

But – I have just been to germany and riding some really long/steep hills where I was very happy for my 26t chainring in front. So the dilemma – keeping the 2x10s on my hardtail for maybe 3-4 trips a year or going 1x10s which will be fine most for the year and then maybe building another bike with lighter gears 😀Image

1×10 speed

Had to try it – 1×10 speed. Got Sram XX1 crankarms GXP q168mm and Absolute Black DM 32T chainring. Tried it with Sram XX cassette 11-36, KMC X11SL chain and normal Sram XX rear derailleur.

Dropped the chain about 6 times on a 27 km bumpy singletrack – happened with going downhill with no tension on the chain. I have shortened the chain by 2 links more than the first testride – lets see how that works out. Otherwise I will get a type 2 derailleur for better tension.Image


New Ultimate EVO 700mm handlebars

Just a quick update – 3 grams lighter than my other EVO handlebars 🙂Image

It’s funny how things works

Normally when I get a new bike or bikepart it’s all about trying it but after some rides I start to evaluate and form my own option about how it works for me.

When I first got my New Ultimate EVO 700mm handlebars I thought it felt wide. After some rides it still felt wide but got used to it. But when I got my 650B wheels for my Scott Spark fully I went back to 620mm bars and suddenly that felt way to small. Same feeling after some rides so now I have 700mm handlebars on both my mountainbikes.

Removed the heavy FSA expander (40 grams) and with a lighter handlebars the bike is now 8,82 kg. Thinking about something that could lighten the bike for about 250 grams 😛



Scott Spark RC 650B

Getting ready for the first testride tomorrow – the rear is just but I’m a little concerned about the front arch of the fork. We will see tomorrow how it works out – I’m so excited about the 650B and how it feels. Hope it will have a little bit of the same feeling as a 29er.ImageImage

Scott Scale 29 Pro is about getting ready

I have been spending some time on this bike and I most admit – I’m a fan of the big wheels. Didn’t think that I would actually like it but how those 29er wheels rolls is just fantastic. True the bike is a bit slower in tight corners but then you get used to it I don’t think it’s bad.

The bike is 8,22 kg at the moment – needing a Tune DC15 qr, Extralite grips and going tubeless to get under 8 kg. It soon will be 🙂