Fasi housing makes light

Time for changing the gearhousing and cables on my Spark today – tried the light Fasi housing from R2-bike.com and was really pleased with the result. The Spark runs fullhousing for the rear deraillear and for the front it’s with normal cabelstop on the downtube.

The setup is light!!

Housing, rear with ferrules: 24,5 grams

Housing, front with ferrules: 6,5 grams

Cabel, rear: 15,5 grams – 4 grams (leftover) = 11,5 grams

Cabel, front: 14,5 grams – 4,5 grams (leftover) = 10 grams

Covers, front and rear: 1,5 grams

Total weight is 54 grams.

Could have saved further 18 grams if I used Powercordz cables but I like the steelcables better so I live with this 🙂 Saved about 40 grams over my previous Jagwire L3 housing so the weight of the Spark is now 8.56 kg.


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