New bike – Scott Scale 29er

I have been thinking about this for some time and when I had the chance to get a Scott Scale 29er Pro frame cheap I had to try it.

The bike is complete and I had the first 2 rides – I’m impressed. The bike feels really nice – rolling is great and even though being a hardtail is fairly comfortable (my 26″ fully still feels better when it gets bumpy).

I’m waiting for a lighter bottlecage and a tubelesskit – this will be the first update. More things will probably follow 🙂

IMG_1074 IMG_1080


Scott Scale is coming together

Got the New Ultimate EVO riserbars and Tune Speedneedle saddle for my Scale bike so now it’s coming together really nice. Just need the pedals but I might just borrow some from my crossbike.

Looks good – weight without pedals is 8.22 kg.


Another picture of my crossbike and the Scale – looks good together.


A little bit of fun

First try with my GoPro camera – I still need to learn alot this but it’s still fun to watch 🙂

New toys

Been thinking about getting some kind of camera for some time but then suddenly I got the chance to get a GoPro HD Hero 2 (yes – same as Felix Baumgartner used hehe) with Wifi Bacpac and at the same time GoPro released a cool app for iPhone so you can control the settings and best of all – getting a preview of what you are filming.

I haven’t tried it yet – been lazy and the weather sucks but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be good fun. I have the chesty strap – spend a little time on youtube and it seems like you get the best action feeling with this mount. Otherwise I’m beginning to learn about the camera and there are probably many things still to learn 🙂

Update on the blog’n’cross bike

Needed some new wheels on my cross-bike – been using some old Shimano R500 wheels for some time after selling my Dura Ace tubular wheels and it worked fine since I haven’t done many rides on the bike. Found some used New Ultimate clincher wheels (carbon/alu rims and American Classic hubs) and decided to give them a try.

The weight is not impressive (1617 grams) but they look good and feels nice. Mounted with Continental Twister Pro tires and Michelin latex innertubes. Since I ride the bike on trails with lots of small loose stones I do a little chicken trick and use tires inserts of plastic – heavy but I avoid punctures so I live with that.


Looking forward to trying them tomorrow 😛

Fasi housing makes light

Time for changing the gearhousing and cables on my Spark today – tried the light Fasi housing from and was really pleased with the result. The Spark runs fullhousing for the rear deraillear and for the front it’s with normal cabelstop on the downtube.

The setup is light!!

Housing, rear with ferrules: 24,5 grams

Housing, front with ferrules: 6,5 grams

Cabel, rear: 15,5 grams – 4 grams (leftover) = 11,5 grams

Cabel, front: 14,5 grams – 4,5 grams (leftover) = 10 grams

Covers, front and rear: 1,5 grams

Total weight is 54 grams.

Could have saved further 18 grams if I used Powercordz cables but I like the steelcables better so I live with this 🙂 Saved about 40 grams over my previous Jagwire L3 housing so the weight of the Spark is now 8.56 kg.

Easy weightsaving

After trying a 39t chainring on the scale I decided to change the 42t on my spark to a similar size. But instead of getting a XX ring I went for the Tune XX 39t ring. Really easy and big saving. Function is very fine – tried it a couple of ride now.